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Instead, look for ice removers that are safe for use on wooden decks. These can provide just enough added traction to stop you from slipping.

Don't let your timber decking become an ice rink this winter

If you intend to use your timber decking through the winter season, Look for ice removers that are suitable for wooden decks and always rinse well after use. mats to create safe zones where the risk of slipping is minimal.

My Deck Is Too Slippery in the Winter Hunker

Slippery decks can be a hazard at any time of year, but winter weather can like the deck flooring, there is an anti-slip coating that you can apply to the wood.

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These deposits are the main cause of a slippery deck. Natural wood protection that contains solid particles that reduce degradation.

Prevent slips and falls on icy or wet steps and decks - without salt

I am using rubber mats this year to keep my steps and wooden deck safe during wet and icy conditions. Below are links to the mats shown in 

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What makes your deck slippery isn't necessarily the moisture it's the mold, to add a bit of subtle texture to wood decks so your shoes get a better grip. you need to keep your deck from becoming a slip-and-slide this winter.

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Protecting your Decking in the Slippery Winter Months such as Osmo 430 Anti-Slip Decking Oil to keep the natural beauty of the wood but 

How To Stop My Wooden Deck From Being Slippery During Winter?

During winter with water or ice the wooden deck becomes slippery. Would you know of any solutions to ensure that the deck is safe and not