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Import of Vehicles Under Gift Scheme - The Government Information

Importation of Motor Vehicle under the Gift Scheme from a close Family Member. donor pages containing personal details, validity period, data of departure from Sri Lanka; Photocopy of details should be provided to the customs; If the vehicle is exempted fro the Gift tax, a letter of exemption . Last Update : 2018-11-07.

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Customs Tariff 2018 on 07/08/2018. DISCLAIMER. The content in this website is for informational purposes only. The extracts taken from this web site shall not 

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Visitors - All the items that will remain in Sri Lanka and items restricted or of Customs duties on personal belongings such as clothing, cosmetics and gifts up to 

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If any person exports or attempts to export or take out of Sri Lanka any goods the Minister from time to time allow importation of articles which are in-tended to 

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Buy and sell of used and unregistered new cars, vans, bikes, cabs, jeeps and many models in Sri Lanka. Importers of Japanese Toyota, 

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Customs Guide SRI LANKA. Information from FIDI Asia 25/04/2018. 2 / 5. Customs guide SRI LANKA Authorization letter ask your local agent . Once the 

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Sri Lanka has a two-band import tariff schedule based on the Harmonized System of Classification. In 2002, the standard import tariff rates were 10% or 25%, 

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Last Published: 10/10/2018 has been lifted, and imports are now permitted for special purposes meaning for use in the tourism and hospitality industries.

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The age of the vehicle must be within the permitted limit. Please refer Table 01 . Can I send my car as a gift to a family member in Sri Lanka? A. This is a matter