reusing old wooden floor joists

Reusing old wood from a century home; need advice Fine

I may be able to get lumber from an old house that is being torn down. The house is about 100 years old. There are several large beams that hold the floor joists, some are oak and some look like poplar.

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reusing old wooden floor joists. Fixing a Squeaky Floor This Old House. Fixing a Squeaky Floor. Tap a wood shim into the gap above the floor joist after smearing the shim with carpenter's Get the latest This Old House news, Get Quotes. De Nailing Salvaged Antique Floor Joists WOODWEB.

Hard Wood Floors - Can I Re-use, After Pulling It Up

I have to pull up the hardwood floor to replace some rotten floor joists as there is only about 8" in the crawl space. I will be pulling up the entire room of hardwood floor, it's Oak.

reusing old wooden floor joists -

Wood flooring - Wikipedia . Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, Solid hardwood floors are made of planks milled from a single piece of timber. perpendicular to the wooden support beams of a building known as joists or bearers .

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Soak the cut ends of the old joist with wood preservative. Also, soak new cuts you have made in the new, treated wood. Use at least four ½-inch to 5/8-inch, hot-dipped, galvanized bolts with large washers to bolt the new joist to the old.

How thick is plywood subfloor and can I reuse old carpet

Best Answer: Usually there is a layer of 5/8 plywood put down on the joists for a sub floor. They put a second layer if it is to be carpeted or tiled like in a bathroom. This equal ls the thickness if you were to lay a hardwood floor.

is it common to change deck boards and reuse joists

Toenail decking joists into position along the wall ledger using a galvanized 16d nail. the joist and into the ledger board. Don't reuse joist hangers,

15 Ways to Use Recycled Old Hardwood Flooring

And if you dont have any old wood and want to buy some here is a list of the best places to buy reclaimed wood flooring. Reclaimed Hardwood for Cabinet Refacing/Cladding Perhaps one of the most effective ways to recycle old wood flooring is by using it to reface or clad your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

What can I do about joist framing in brick pockets that is

A 100 year old house with solid cement then brick structure has old floor joists in brick pockets. The joists are 2 by 8 and 2 by 10 inches and spaced about 19 inches apart and not consistently so.

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Question I recently had the chance to salvage 125 year old white oak floor joists. I managed to get 400 board feet in the form of 2"x10". The joists appear to have a mix of heartwood and sapwood, but I haven't had a chance to get into them too much.

How to Replace Old Rotting Flooring, Beams, and Joists

Being that floors often endure large and repetitive loads, using wood glue in addition to flooring nails or staples is recommended. When taking old flooring up, first remove the trimming, then, by using a crow-bar and the closest joist for leverage, break the glue seal and dislodge the nail from the flooring simultaneously.

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The sub-floor is the original old wide plank on joists. The only way to fix this is to pull up the old floors stadnard 3/4 oak nail down and put in a new subfloor and then install new oak nail down.

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Century Old pine barn beams, joists, and siding $0.00 Old Growth Redwood $0.00 50 year old maple gym flooring $0.00

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The editors of This Old House give 100 DIY Upgrades for Under $100. Featured: Install lightweight pre-finished engineered wood planks perpendicular to ceiling joists with construction adhesive; nail the tongue of each plank to a joist. 10 Uses for Wood Flooring Scraps. IMAGE 11 OF 11. Photo by Kolin Smith.

Removing An Old Wood Floor The Opposite Way It was

So, there is no way of getting that floor tight again, except to remove the entire hardwood floor, renail the now loose pine subfloor back to the joist and re-install the old hardwood, or install a new hardwood floor.

reusing old wooden floor joists -

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