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In addition to the standard galvanised deck coating, Kingspan car parking deck car park construction due to its spanning capabilities and cost effectiveness.

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Brisbane and Darwin recorded the highest average cost per square metre $1,000 for Open Deck Multi-Storey car parks. For more information 

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REIDsteel offer several decking options for car park / parking lot flooring Construction depth can be saved using shelf angles but these are costly and time 

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Designers also recognise that pedestrians have as much of a place on the car park deck as cars, requiring greater consideration of circulation routes and 

Need More Parking Space? You Need A Modular Car Park

When you need flexible, quick-to-build car parking space, modular car parks are ideal. They allow you to have exactly the space you want while keeping costs 

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Q: What does Another level Car Parks do? We hire out Q: How much does it cost to hire? The longer the Q: Is the deck suitable for use by disabled people?

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By incorporating Speed-Build Technology a TopDeck Car park can be Cost effective solution to your parking problem. . appearance of the parking deck.

Another Level Car Parks Ltd: Portable and Temporary Car Parks

Permanent or temporary, the Another Level Car Park solution can be any size and portable modular deck structure that simply sits over you existing car park 

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Need to expand your car park? Increase your capacity with TopDeck. With today's modern world, the need for car parking spaces has never been greater.