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Estimate the cost to build a home, a garage, a kitchen addition, deck, or basement. Change the numbers in the calculator above to determine a different area or cost. $100 = $0.08 per ft 2

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The average cost to build a deck depends upon several different factors, such as quality of materials that you are going to use, the size and elevation of your deck, cost of labor if you plan to hire any, type of foundation, etc.

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Tropical hardwoods decks can set you back $25 to $30 per square foot. Composite traditional composite deckin g uses materials that are made up of a blend of plastic and wood fiber, with a matte or brushed surface.

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The average homeowner spends about $7,000 to build a 200 to 500 square foot deck, with smaller decks costing as low as $2,000. The cost to build a deck in wood, composite or plastic is about $35 per square foot , including materials.

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You can multiply the deck length in feet times the width in feet to find the square footage. See our square footage calculator for tips on calculating the square footage of oddly shaped areas. Once you have the square footage of the deck, you need to find the square footage of the board youve selected in feet.

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AM commission approves draft LAR ordinance Archive Anna Apr 9, 2013 At a 40 percent LAR, the owner could build a 2,000 square foot the 2,000 square feet, or 666 square feet, could be built on the second floor of living area.

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Our finished deck will have about 2 feet of space under it between the bottom of the deck and the top of the ground . In the future we can use these posts under the deck to build a frame with lattice.

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The average deck is made of wood; average deck cost for a wood deck is $5-$10 per square foot. However, if the deck is made of PVC the average cost is around $8-$10 per square foot. Average deck cost for a vinyl deck is around $20 per square foot.