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FAQ. How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of hardwood floors? Hardwood flooring costs $12-$20 per square foot, including installation.A 1,000 square foot floor would cost $12,000-$20,000 for installation.

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Costs . Depending on where you live, ceramic tile is generally lower in material costs. Installation costs in recent years have shown proper hardwood installations to be more expensive due to the amount of floor preparation that is vital to any successful long lasting floor.

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Tile That Looks Like Wood vs Hardwood Flooring Your Complete Guide: Tile that Looks Like Wood vs Hardwood Flooring We put a porcelain wood tile next to a hardwood flooring sample in our showroom and were unable to see the difference side by side.

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Tiles come in a variety of geometric sizes and shapes, colors are mainly earthtones, and prices range under $1.00 per square foot to several dollars. The real key to having a long lasting ceramic tile floor is in the installation including floor -prep and regular maintenance.

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Hardwood Flooring Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost. One of the most popular and most attractive flooring options in the home is certainly hardwood. Generally considered to be the most long-lasting and durable flooring option on the market, hardwood can also be quite expensive. However, many homeowners view this as a smart investment for long-term savings.

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The cost to Refinish Floors starts at $4.20 - $5.62 per square foot, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements. See typical tasks and time to refinish floors, along with per unit costs and material requirements.

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Terrazzo Floor Costs Cost Guides Flooring Terrazzo Floor Costs The classic terrazzo floor is a concrete mixture that is placed wet, further cured and treated, and then highly finished.

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If this is the case, make sure that you get an estimate for the removal of old flooring in addition to any other expenses. The Cost of Refinishing Hardwood Stairs and Rails Average: $40 - $75 per stair.

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Wood look tile floors have less flexibility than wood flooring in the long term. Let's say you are remodeling and dark wood flooring is really hot and on trend at the time. You want that durability of tile and you do a dark wood-look tile floor all through your downstairs, kitchen, living room, entry, etc.

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Tile prices vary widely, from $1 up to more than $25 per square foot, depending on the type. Glazed ceramic tiles start around $1 a square foot, while porcelain, marble and granite tiles start at $2 a square foot, according to Costhelper.

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Unlike tile or wood flooring, which is priced by the square foot only, carpet is priced by the square yard or square foot, making an apples to apples comparison challenging. However, converting the square yard price into square feet isnt difficult; just divide it by 9.

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But hardwood floors can be refinished a few times after installation what is impossible to do with porcelain tile or any other flooring materials. 1 Rating of flooring materials was estimated on the scale from 1 to 5, accounting 1 as lowest and 5 as the highest quality of a product.

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Price. Price is the first obvious variable to consider. It is almost always cheaper to refinish your floor than to replace it. When replacing, you must consider the cost of the new wood as well as

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In this side by side comparison, you can notice the slight variation of texture that shows that the left side is in fact tile, and the right is hardwood. Finally, faux wood tiles can be an affordable option for you. These tiles are typically more cost effective than traditional hardwood flooring.

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Their cost runs from $1.50 to $5 per square foot, while laminate strips will cost from $1 to $5 per square foot, giving both floorings similar material costs. Installation of tile will cost an average of $5.75 per square foot , and installation of laminate will cost an average of $2 per square foot.

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The cost of wood floor refinishing depends on how badly the wood is damaged, the square footage of wood that needs to be refinished and whether or not additional services are requested. See all the costs below and when ready, use ImproveNet to find flooring contractors to refinish your wood floors.

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The average reported cost for travertine tile installation is about $15 per square foot. The type of travertine being purchased can greatly influence cost. For example, when buying tile by the piece, the cost tends to be a bit higher whereas buying the travertine in slabs can reduce costs by up to 50%.

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The average cost of having wood flooring installed in a typical 1,000 square foot home is around $8,000.00. However, some people choose to install wood floors only in some rooms. The most common rooms to receive this treatment are living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms for a total average of around 550 square feet.

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The cost of ceramic varies widely based on which tile you choose, but won't be as affordable as laminate in most cases. Generally, you can get good laminate flooring for $2 per square foot or so as of 2009 . Factoring in the underlayment, the project will usually be less than $4 per square foot total.

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HomeAdvisor's Flooring Cost Guide offers price information on flooring installation and repair projects, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers. Learn about the costs of hardwood, laminate, bamboo, cork, vinyl, tile, and carpet.