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Im looking into buying a home whose 17' by 15' living room is approx 6 inches stepped down from the other floors. There is an unfinished basement beneath this room and more than 10ft of ceiling above this room.

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Silvana didn't let a small floor plan or a standard ceiling height get in the way of creating multiple levels to make the space more functional and add more storage. Silvana's Innovative Interior.

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The floor of the garage sits about 4" above grade but about 3.5' below the floor of my home. Since I will be reframing the the walls and roof, is there an acceptable way to frame the floor in such a manner that I could raise its height closer to that of the homes?

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I have a sunken living room part of the design . It is approximately 5 in below the rest of the house. That part of the house is on concrete slab. I would like to build a sleeper system to make the floor level to the rest of the house. I intend t

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You can raise the kitchen and living room floor by up to 300mm,consider first that this is sufficient to warrant the cost and disruption. Removing and refitting the kitchen will involve plumbing and electrical work as well as cabinet removal etc.

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Raised platforms are good for two things storage and space division, so you can build in some drawers or hide additional furniture there while using its top for something entirely different. Thus a single platform can transform one room into two or even three functional areas plus storage space for everything you need.

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You can stick felt to floor a couple of place so it will stay in place while you are working, you don't need much to hold it down.Build a floor system the same as would for any floor. Don't set new floor on existing floor leave a gap between the two.

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20 Cool and Sunken Living Room Remodel, Design and Ideas - Home Decor Ideas. Find this Pin and more on Seandra's dream projects by sean maben. How to Raise a Sunken Living Room Sunken living rooms were a popular feature in homes of earlier decades.

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The best video to learn how to acid stain a floor -Lots more information, products and local contractors at See More. Find this Pin and more on raised living room floor by Dawn White. Want to Acid Wash your concrete floor?

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When converting a garage space into a living area, installing a framed wood floor offers an opportunity to add insulation from the cold concrete slab, access for electrical circuits to any interior walls being planned, and effectively provides a level floor platform over a standard garage floor that can be sloped 4 to 5 inches from front to back.

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The entryway floor was tile, while the living room was wood. After removing the tile and more than an inch of thickset, Bubels crew was left with a concrete slab that had a number of wavy lumps across its surface.

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It also assumes the room has been stripped of all floor coverings, trim and other obstructions, and that the floor you're building on top of is level. Build a Raised Wood Floor. Step 1 Go around the room with your stud finder and your roll of masking tape. Put a strip of tape on the wall to mark each stud.

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We have a ranch type house that has a sunken living room that we would like to raise to the level of our other floors. Come back with the Centers of the joists under the sunken floor, The dimensions of the sunken area, and what supports the whole room. raised a 16x22 floor about 3 1/2" total. We laid ripped down 2x4's perpendicular to

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Seems like the 1980's was the time for 'sunken floors' and I plan on building up my sunken living room floor too. It's so dated and can be dangerous too. Let me know how it comes out since I am not quite ready to fill in my living room yet.

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Space saving floor storage for small rooms, modern interior design with a raised floor. Decorative raised floor structures are excellent for defining functional zones, separating the entryway area from living space, visually changing rooms proportions and adding unique accents to modern interior design.

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Heres a living room with a seating area which raised off the floor and sits on a platform. You might wonder why such a design was chosen. You might wonder why such a design was chosen. Its so that a pull-out bed could fit underneath the platform.

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Wondering how to raise garage floor for living space? First check the building codes and local zoning laws to see if this is permissible. There may be restrictions in height that may be a qualifying factor, as generally garages are built of a height not more than 8 feet.

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Our new house has a sunken living room that has to go. Learn how to frame in a flush floor and open up the living room.