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My answer will focus strictly on US Navy ter Weather Deck: the one that is exposed to weather . How does one find their way around on a naval ship?

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Names of the parts of a ship. NAVY TUTOR Bulwarks. A solid fence along the gunwale of the main weather deck. Scuppers. Ports along the bulwarks that allow water to A deck or part of a deck that is exposed to the weather. Flight deck.

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A deck is a permanent covering over a compartment or a hull of a ship. On a boat or ship, the Weather decks in western designs evolved from having structures fore forward or front and aft rear of the ship Gun deck: Naval on a multi-decked vessel, a deck below the upper deck where the ships' cannon were carried.

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third 3 compartment to the starboard side of the ship's centerline at that frame. It is either a .. All weather deck piping shall be the same color of the exterior of the ship with the exception . Naval Firefighter's Thermal Imager. N O. Normally 

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A normal ship consists of different types of decks for different purposes. is not the topmost deck in a vessel which is referred to as the weather deck. The quarter deck is generally found on navy ships and accessible only to 

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A ship's deck that is open to the sky and exposed to the weather. n. exposed to the weather. A deck having no Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

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The floors of a ship are called decks, the walls are called bulkheads, and the .. Along the edges of the weather deck from bow to stern are 

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major types of ships and aircraft the Navy operates and of the hull, decks, and superstructure of a ship. . A deck or part of a deck exposed to the weather is.

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Sailing Ship Decks. Weather Decks are upper decks having no overhead protection from the weather, but sheltering the deck below. Poop deck 

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Naval glossary, naval terminology. Deck: 1. Shipboard floor, horizontal plating which divides a ship into layers. 2. Shipboard floors from Main deck and below