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Deck Repair Cost Like many other repair projects, the overall cost of your deck repair project will largely depend on the extent of the damage. While replacing a few old or rotted boards may be quick and inexpensive, a complete overhaul can go as high as $1,500.

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Your pool deck is the immediate area around your pool. Also known as a pool patio, this is the space where you place lounge chairs, tables and other pool/backyard furniture. The deck creates the look and style of your entire swimming area. When designing and building a pool deck, materials matter.

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Average cost to build an in-ground fiberglass swimming pool is about $50,000 12x24-foot fiberglass pool installed with a concrete deck . Find here detailed information about inground fiberglass pool costs.

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It is sold by the square metre and prices vary from $110 to $125 per square metre and the width of the boards is usually around 140mm.The price is for supply only and having composite decking installed around a pool may cost about the same or a little less than timber decking.

How Much Does an Above Ground Pool Deck Installed Cost

An above ground pool deck can be made from many materials, but the most common materials will include wood, cement, tile or composite. Decks can be either free-standing, a multilevel deck that connects to a porch of a home or can even be customized to your own personal preference.

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Re: Cost of a 12X16 Pool Deck When you receive quotes ranging from $5,995 all the way up to $17,995 for the same specifications, there is something wrong. The people quoting 18K for a 12X16 deck are insulting your profession.

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A deck around your pool is usually made of concrete. A rough Broom Finish provides the best grip for wet feet and costs around $4.00 to $8.00 per square foot. Textured concrete costs about $6.00 to $11.00 per square foot.