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How to Tape Drywall Joints The Family Handyman

Improve your drywall taping skills and increase your speed with these taping tips. They'll help you achieve invisible joints and perfectly smooth walls.

Choosing Between a Drywall Joint Compound and a Wallboard

Since drywall is called by many names, e.g. sheetrock, wallboard, plasterboard panels, etc, there has been confusion over what wallboard joint compound is 

Joint compound - Wikipedia

Joint compound is a white powder of primarily gypsum dust mixed with water to form a mud the consistency of cake frosting, which is used with paper or fiber joint tape to seal joints between sheets of drywall to create 

Wallboard Joint Compound - DAP

For smooth, high quality finishing of gypsum panel joints. Easy-to-use, ready-mixed formula is easily applied, has minimal shrinkage and sands 

How To Apply Drywall Compound - CGC Inc. - YouTube

In this How To Apply Drywall Compound video CGC Inc. provides the steps to mud and tape your drywall.

What Is the Difference Between Drywall Mud and Interior Spackling

Hardware stores stock a variety of types of spackling paste for filling holes prior to painting, but in a pinch, you can always use drywall joint compound. The main 

Phenopatch 1 Qt. Wallboard Joint Compound-11 - The

When you have interior patching jobs to do, use this 1 Qt. Wallboard Joint Compound. It comes ready to use for fast projects and is safe to be sanded and 

Wallboard Joint and Corner Tapes - YouTube

Wallboard Tools stocks and supplies a wide range of Joint Tapes for the Plastering trade. Joint Tapes are generally used in conjunction with 

How to Finish Drywall Joints - Bob Vila

Most of the time finishing drywall joints isn't one of those jobs that has people jumping up and down with excitement. Even with a