Bride’s Beware!

A Letter and Word of Caution To All Brides:

I feel it is very important that you be informed about the range of quality you will come across on the internet as you search for someone to create your silk wedding flowers for you. This is your wedding, after all. Your flowers will be in your pictures and they need to be beautiful! They are your most important accessory.

Silk flowers range from the very cheapest craft store silks – such as those with “dew drops” on them, to the highest quality “natural/real touch”  and Floramatique silks that florists are able to obtain. Craft store quality is not the same quality a qualified florist will use. 

Please be very careful about who does your wedding flowers for you. For starters, extremely cheap prices should be your first clue that you are not getting the quality you deserve and expect. It costs very little to obtain cheap flowers, and consequently, the pricing will be ultra low. That’s ok if that is what you are looking for. 

But I have heard from brides that some who advertise that they do quality silk wedding flowers end up providing flowers that are far below what they had expected – or what was advertised. That is very disheartening to me and I wanted to warn you.

Not all silk flowers are available in natural touch/real touch. However, they should be used whenever they are available so your flowers look as realistic as possible. You can mix high quality regular silk flowers with natural/real touch silks and achieve a high end look. 

Please be aware that the best silk flowers are not necessarily cheap flowers just because they are silk. That is a thing of the past. Cheap, low quality silks use to be all that was available but that is no longer true. Now you have a choice. You need to know what you are getting.

If it’s important to you that you be able to cherish your flowers on your wedding day and beyond, only go for the highest quality you can get. They will provide you with sentimental joy that extends beyond your wedding day.

Here’s wishing you beautiful wedding flowers that will truly enhance how lovely you look on your wedding day!

All the best,
Sandy – Owner and floral Designer at
Plumeria’s Wedding Flower Boutique