About Sandy

I enjoy making people HAPPY, and if there is one thing that I hope to accomplish in designing wedding bouquets, it’s making brides happy.

The task of wedding planning can truly be one of stress and anxiety. But there is also an abundance of joy and excitement to be experienced.

A unique combination of love and creativity has drawn me into the business of floral designing. I appreciate the beauty of flowers, as well as the creativity involved in designing floral arrangements.

Ladies, in planning your wedding, it is extremely important that you recognize the role your bouquet will play on your wedding day. It will be in many of your wedding photos. With this in mind, I will help you design a bridal bouquet that compliments your style, wedding theme, and your personality.

As your tropical floral designer, I am looking forward to accomplishing all of this, and more.

When I decided to use artificial flowers for my destination wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica, I knew I wanted vibrant, tropical flowers for my bouquet. I understood that my bouquet would be the spark that enhances all the beauty of our wedding day.

Can you just imagine what kind of disappointment it would be if on your wedding day, you learned that your color or type of flowers were not available? I did not want to chance that, and you shouldn’t either.

I am both honored and privileged to be part of your most memorable celebration. I am so looking forward to working with you to make your tropical bouquet dreams and vision a real life keepsake.

In the meantime, enjoy and appreciate every step of your wedding planning!